Briefly in english

Briefly in english

We work on cases in both Finnish and English. With other languages, we will arrange for an interpreter, enabling us to use many different languages. We specialise in litigation.

In a criminal process, you have a right to an attorney from the beginning of the investigation. We are available for interrogations at short notice and will assist you throughout the criminal process from the investigation to trial.

We have represented many international clients in criminal process in Finland. We also represent our clients in European Arrest Warrant (EAW) Cases.

We approach all our clients as individuals and find the best way forward together.

Please contact us preferably by text message or email. Please include your full name, contact information and brief case description in your message. Preliminary exchanges by email or telephone are free of charge, thereafter we will verify whether you are entitled to state legal aid or if your insurance company will cover your costs. Our hourly rate is EUR 200 – 250 + VAT.

Contact details

Attorney at Law Hanna-Maria Seppä

 + 358 40 594 4761

Attorney at Law, trained on the bench Hanna Nieminen

+358 50 370 3079